“Sir This Is A Wendy’s” (Meaning And Use)

“Sir This Is A Wendy’s” is a popular meme that is used when you observe inappropriate behavior and want to acknowledge it in a funny way. The expression can also be used when you see something doing something strange in a certain location where that behavior is not typical.

The meme also pokes fun at the fact that many people who work in fast food are used to having to deal with people acting inappropriately or overindulging about their life, therefore disrupting that fast food worker from being able to complete their duties.

Where Did The Meme Originate?

This meme became popular on Twitter, as it’s the form of social media most commonly used to make observations about daily life and have it potentially go viral. Twitter is also usually used to make commentary about life in a funny and relatable way.

How Did This Meme Start?

It’s not totally clear where the “Sir This Is A Wendy’s” meme came from. There is a similar meme called “Sir This Is An Abry’s” that is used in a similar way. It’s possible that the Wendy’s version was just inspired by the Arby’s version.

There is also speculation that this meme was inspired by the popular show The Office where the main character, Michael Scott, calls a Wendy’s to try and set up a romantic date, only to be told that he is callng a Wendy’s.

How Else Is This Meme Used?

This meme may also be used in situations where you are having a conversation and somebody changes the topic of conversation abruptly or states a jarring or inappropriate opinion. It can be a lighthearted and humorous way to acknowledge that the tone of the conversation has become uncomfortable without being confrontational.

This meme can also be used when you’re having a conversation with someone who is ranting and raving about something incessantly. It can be a way to try and have them stop the conversation without being outright or rude.

Why Is This Meme So Popular?

Part of what makes this meme so popular is that it’s funny and random. It’s also a much more polite way to steer a conversation or argument away from a topic that is uncomfortable or unsuitable for the current situation.

The power of social media has also led to the widespread use of this meme, as there are currently Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook threads, for example, discussing situations where “Sir This Is A Wendy’s” is an appropriate response to real-life encounters people have experienced.