In Person Or In-Person? Which Is Correct?

In person and in-person are both grammatically correct terms, but are meant to be used in different contexts. In person is considered an adverb, while in-person is an adjective.

Because these two phrases are two completely different types of words, they cannot be used interchangeably. While their core meanings are very similar, they do not serve the same purpose. There is a distinct difference between how the two terms should be used for them to be grammatically correct.

What Does In Person Mean?

In person being an adverb means that it’s a phrase used to expand upon a verb or give more of a description to a verb. A verb is an action word, or a word used to describe a state or place of being.

Therefore, saying something is “in person” means that it is present in the same area.

What Are Some Examples Of The Correct Way To Use In Person?

An example of how to use in person in a sentence is:

I want to talk to him in person so I can see how he reacts to the exciting news.

Another example is:

I will be so excited when we can celebrate Christmas in person with our whole family again.

What Does In-Person Mean?

In-person is an adjective. An adjective is used to help describe or give more context to a noun, which is a person, place, or thing. Adjectives are often called descriptive words.

The dash between the two separate words allows them to come together to create one word. If you were to split up the two words, they would both take on their own unique meanings.

Therefore, saying something is “in-person” is used to describe a situation or event that is going to happen with people present, as opposed to an event done over the phone or on the computer, for example.

What Are Some Examples Of The Correct Way To Use In-Person?

An example of how to use in-person in a sentence is:

I have arranged for her and I to have an in-person meeting to discuss the results of our latest poll.

Another example is:

The company wants to hold an in-person conference for its top performers in the conference room at the Old Bay Hotel.

A good rule of thumb to keep on hand in case you aren’t sure which term is correct is to remember that in person is where you are, and in-person is how you describe the event.