What Does “POGGERS” Mean?

Internet slang is growing in popularity around the globe, and plenty of these terms come from online sites such as Twitch. One of these terms is “poggers”, which you will see spammed in Twitch chats. What exactly does poggers mean?

If you see someone say “poggers”, they are using it as a slang phrase to express excitement. It is most commonly used over text, but you’ll occasionally hear people say it in real life as well (particularly gamers). If you want an example of people using it in real life, look at the Overwatch League players back in 2020. Back then, it was a very popular phrase.

The rest of this article will cover what poggers means, and how to use it.

What Poggers Means

If you’ve ever been on Twitch, you’ve probably seen the emote named PogChamp, which was the face of streamer named Gootecks. Since controversy surrounds Gootecks, Twitch decided to remove the emote. Before the removal, PogChamp was the most used emote on Twitch.

The PogChamp emote showed Gootecks making an excited face. Since then, the words “pog” and “poggers” were formed. Even after the emote was taken off Twitch, people still said the word to express their excitement.

As it grew in the community, streamers, including big time streamers like xQc, began using the slang as well. Although it originated from the chats of Twitch, it became an internet slang used most prominently in games.

How To Use Poggers

Poggers is best used on the internet or in a gaming environment. The gaming community, especially games like Overwatch, took over the word and made it even more popular. For example, if someone makes an awesome play in a video game, you can say “poggers”.

Poggers isn’t exactly a word you need to use in a sentence. It’s typically used as a one-time phrase to express excitement. You can also shorten it and say “pog” instead. For example, here is a sentence that can work with both pog and poggers:

“That play was pog.”

“That play was poggers.”

You can also say “that was a poggers play”. With poggers, you don’t need to overthink it. It’s simply an expression like “let’s go”. It’s a form of cheering that you can use in exciting situations, but it’s best to save this term for gaming and the internet as it’s not used in casual situations.