All But One Is True (Meaning and Usage)

“All but one is true” means that every item on the list is true except for one entry. This sentence is usually an instruction for a test where you need to choose the false item on the list.

Let’s look at an example of when we would use “all but one is true”

All But One Is True Examples

All but one is true

  • A zebra is black and white.
  • A tiger is orange.
  • A giraffe is red.
  • An elephant is grey.

As you can see from the list above, all of the answers are true and it is your job to choose the answer which is incorrect or false which in this example is the third example: A giraffe is red.

All but one is true 

“All but one is true” can be a difficult instruction for people to understand and if you are writing a test it would be less confusing to say ” choose the sentence that is false”.

“All but one is true” can often be used in scientific papers and academic language.