How to Reply to An Email Agreeing with The Sender

In the age of digital communication, it’s crucial to know how to craft emails replies that are both appropriate and professional. When agreeing with the sender in an email, it’s important to remain positive and encourage progression by providing additional information as needed. To help you compose the ideal response, here are five tips for crafting an email reply agreeing with the sender.

Five Tips for Crafting an Email Reply Agreeing with The Sender

  1. Keep the tone professional and polite.
    The tone of your email should remain professional with a polite, respectful attitude throughout. This can be achieved by avoiding slang terms or colloquialisms, and including a proper salutation and closing at the beginning and end of your email.
  2. Acknowledge the message received.
    When crafting an email reply, it’s important to acknowledge the message you’ve received by restating the main facts, opinions or ideas presented in the sender’s email in order to confirm that your understanding is accurate.
  3. Remain positive in your response.
    Regardless of the topic of the email, creating a positive, non-confrontational atmosphere is key. As such, you should remain upbeat and express gratitude to the sender for including you in their message.
  4. Offer further information.
    When replying to an email agreeing with the sender, it is also important to provide additional information as needed in order to keep the conversation moving forward. This could include your own thoughts and opinions, related suggestions or links to further information.
  5.  Re-state the original main points.
    Finally, it can be helpful to re-state the main points of the email, either in the form of a summary or question, to reaffirm the agreement and pave the way for the next steps to be taken.

Example Responses Agreeing With The Sender

  • Thanks for the update. I completely agree with your points and I am looking forward to seeing the new changes in the upcoming weeks.
  • I totally understand where you’re coming from and support your initiative. Let me know if I can provide any help or resources.
  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I agree that this is the best course of action and I’m happy to help in any way I can.
  • That makes complete sense to me, and I’m willing to take on whatever task needed to ensure its successful implementation.

Example Email Responses Agreeing

Dear [Name],

Thank you for your message. I understand your position and completely agree with your points. I’m pleased to hear that you will be taking steps to make the necessary changes and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

If you need any help or resources regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am willing to support in whatever way needed to ensure the success of your initiative.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Wishes,

[Your Name]


By following the five tips outlined above, you will be able to craft an effective email reply that agrees with the sender in a professional, polite and positive manner. In addition, the example responses provided are guaranteed to help you get started—simply fill in the blanks and add your own personal touch to make your reply truly stand out.