Tight vs Thight vs Thigh? Which is correct?

The word tight means being fastened, affixed, or closed firmly; narrowness; lacking slack; or of a curve, being sharp. The word thigh means the upper part of the leg. However, the word thight is not an English word and therefore has no meaning, and is usually a misspelling of one of the above two words.


The word tight has several meanings and uses, generally indicating something that is small or narrow.

In terms of clothing, tight can mean clingy or taut, or nearly too small. A few example sentences are, “Jessica decided to wear a tight, slinky dress to the club”, or “Annabelle tried on the dress, but the sample size was a bit too tight.”, or “Jacob laced his hiking boots tight for the trek.”

In terms of spaces, tight can mean a small, narrow, or confined space, such as in “The wine cellar was a cramped space that was too tight for two people”.

In terms of curves and turns, a tight turn is one that is very sharp and difficult to maneuver due to its radius.


The word thigh refers to the upper leg, between the knee and hip. This can be the leg of a human or an animal.

For example, thigh is considered part of the dark meat of chicken. In pigs, thigh meat is often made into ham.

As you may know, in people, the thigh is the part of the leg between the knee and hip, with many muscles, including the quads in front and the hamstrings in the back.


There is no well-known English word that is spelled ‘thight’. However, there are a few apocryphal possible meanings besides confusion with the words thigh and tight.

For example, Urban Dictionary has recommended meanings such as ‘thigh tights’—tights that are thigh-high and usually hold themselves up with silicone bands and/or elastic.

Most of the time, the word thight is a misspelling of another word, such as:

Height: how tall something is.
Thigh, thighs: the part of the leg between the knee and hip.
Tight: narrow, small, or taut.
Thought: the past tense of think, or the noun meaning ‘an idea’.

For example, most of the words in this sentence might mistakenly be spelled “thight”:

“I thought I saw a thot walking by in thigh-high tights, whose height was longer than the length of the night.”