Stoaked Or Stoked? Which Is Correct?

Stoaked and stoked are two completely different words with different meanings. One is not the incorrect spelling of another, although that is sometimes assumed to be the case.

What Does Stoaked Mean?

The word stoaked is a verb, and is how you would describe something that is stopped, blocked, or clogged. This term is not a commonly used one in typical speak, but it is commonly used in nautical terminology.

Stoaked is also sometimes incorrectly assumed to be the incorrect spelling of the word stoked.

How Do I Use Stoaked In A Sentence?

While the word stoaked can be synonymous with other words that mean something is blocked, it is typically saved only for nautical speak and not used in everyday language.

For example, if you were to use it in the following sentence, it may not make sense to the average person.

The toilet is stoaked.

It is, therefore, best used for its intended meaning, as uncommon language between seamen.

For example:

Can you pass me something to help clear up this pump? It’s stoaked.

What Does Stoked Mean?

Stoked is an adjective that describes a feeling of being excited, happy, or the feeling of anticipating an event or situation. It is also used as a way to describe looking forward to something. It originated as a slang term that has been used so often, it’s been adopted into regular language. That being said, it is not widely accepted as formal speak.

Less commonly, the word stoked can be used to describe someone who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Finally, the core word stoke can also be used to describe the act of building a fire up by adding coal or wood to it.

How Do I Use Stoked In A Sentence?

Since stoked is considered informal language, it would not be suitable to use when trying to sound authoritative or professional. You would not want to use it in business e-mails or in school assignments, for example. It’s best left as a word used in casual speak.

Some examples of how to use stoked in a sentence are as follows:

I heard that The Spice Girls are going on a reunion tour, and they are stopping in our city. I am so stoked!

We are going to have to call Terry a cab to make sure he gets home safe; he got way too stoked tonight.