Thank You All So Much Or Thank You So Much All? Which Is Correct?

Thanking people is imperative in both formal and casual environments. You need to be able to thank people, whether it be one person or a whole group. However, how do you say thank you properly? Is it thank you all so much, or thank you so much all?

To properly thank a group of people, you should say “thank you all so much”. Saying this phrase is grammatically correct and flows better. It’s a common expression used in both formal and casual situations, meaning you can use it in a place like work, or even a place like a restaurant.

The rest of this article will cover thank you all so much, thank you so much all, and other ways to say thank you.

Thank You All So Much

Saying “thank you all so much” is a polite way to thank a group of people. You shouldn’t use this when talking only to one person because the “all” implies there are more people you are thanking. Therefore, you should use it when thanking a group at work, home, or any other casual or formal situation.

“Thank you all so much” can be used in any situation where you’re thanking multiple people. For example, if you are giving a speech to your co-workers about the progress the company has made, you can conclude your speech by saying “thank you all so much for listening”.

Thank You So Much All

This phrase is grammatically incorrect, meaning you should not use it. You should always say “thank you all so much” as opposed to “thank you so much all”. To understand why this is wrong, you need to look at the history of “thank you”.

“Thank you” has evolved throughout the years. It is the shortened version of the phrase “I thank you”. There needs to be a direct object if you are thanking someone. In this case, the direct object is “you all”. “You all” is referring to the multiple people you’re thanking.

If you were to move the “all” to the final word in the phrase, it would sound awkward. Therefore, you should always use “thank you all so much”.

Other Ways To Say Thank You

Whether you’re thanking an individual or a group of people, there are many ways you can say thank you. Each way varies in terms of politeness. There are ways you can say thank you politely, and ways you can say it casually around close friends and family.

Here are a few examples of other ways you can thank a group of people:

“Thank you all so much for supporting me.”

“You all have been very supportive, and for that, I am thankful.”

“I appreciate what you all have done for me over the years.”

Here are a few examples of other ways you can thank an individual person:

“Thank you so much for helping me.”

“I appreciate you being here for me.”

“You’ve done a lot to help me, and I want you to know I’m grateful for you.”

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