Business Days or Working Days? What’s the Difference?

The terms the business world uses to describe its days and processes can get confusing and difficult to follow, especially for beginners. Two terms that are hard to tell apart are business days and working days. What’s the difference?

Business days and working days are very similar since they both deal with the weekdays. The two terms can be used interchangeably in most cases, but business days is the more popular term. Business days are used for businesses, and working days are used for specific workers. Business days are weekdays, and if your working days are also weekdays, then you can use business days and working days terms interchangeably.

What Business Days Are

If you’ve ever worked in a business, you’ve seen the term “business days” thrown around. This term refers to the five “business days”, otherwise known as Monday through Friday. These five days are the officially recognized business days by the country.

However, holidays are exceptions to the business days. For example, Christmas is considered a holiday and therefore not a business day. If you’re counting business days, you should count five days a week instead of seven.

For example, if you order a package and it says it will take three to five business days to get there, you should count the weekdays only. If you order it on Saturday, count the days starting from Monday instead of the day you ordered it.

What Working Days Are

In most cases, business days and working days are terms that can be used interchangeably. This is because most working days are the weekdays. Your working days are the days you in particular are working, which is most commonly Monday through Friday.

If you are an exception to this, and you work on weekends, then you can’t use working days and business days interchangeably. It’s easier for you to say working days when referring to your weekend hours, and business days when referring to your weekday hours.

Working days is a term you’ll see used as a local expression. It refers to the day you or other workers work. Business days refer to business itself, and working days refer to the work a worker does on a particular day (not counting the one or two days they take off each week).