What is the meaning of “NAGS” in Hockey?

Hockey is a complex sport with many terms and phrases you’ll need to know. One of these phrases is known as “NAGS”, but what exactly does it mean, and how do you use it in a sentence?

“NAGS” is an acronym that stands for “National Age Group Squads”. NAGS is an extremely important term because it refers to the groups that high-level players are on or attempting to get onto (U16 and U18). You’ll hear this term used a lot when players are competing at high levels, so look out for this term while watching competitions.

The rest of this article will cover what NAGS is, and how to use it in a sentence.

What “NAGS” Means

There are countless acronyms in hockey like POS (player position), GP (games played), and NO (the jersey number of the player). However, one acronym that is very unique is NAGS because it doesn’t refer to the statistics of the game, rather a squad of competing players.

Whereas the examples mentioned (POS, GP, and NO) deal with the statistics and qualities of the game, NAGS is an acronym used to describe players who are looking to get onto, or are already on, the U16 and U18 teams.

You’ll even see NAGS camps for young girls and boys who are looking to accomplish their dreams. The NAGS acronym is most commonly used in England, and the U16 and U18 teams are the top level for hockey players.

How To Use “NAGS” In A Sentence

NAGS is just like any other noun or acronym. If you were to think of the acronym “ttyl”, think about how you’d use it in a sentence. You don’t have to do anything special with it, and the same applies to “NAGS”. Think of it like any other noun, like “high school”.

Here’s an example of high school in a sentence, then we’ll compare it with “NAGS”: “I went to watch a high school hockey team”. Now, let’s compare that to NAGS: “I went to watch a NAGS hockey team”. The key to using NAGS in a sentence is not overthinking it.

If you’re ever wondering how to use it in a sentence, think about the high school example. Or, if the high school example doesn’t work, think of NAGS like “tower”.

Here’s an example: “I like towers”. Now, let’s replace “towers” with “NAGS”. “I like NAGS”. You can use it however you want, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your sentences.