How To Respond To “It Is What It Is”

Internet slang has taken over the world, and one of these new slang phrases is “it is what it is”. If you hear this online, or someone says it to you, it’s difficult to reply to since it’s such a broad phrase. So how do you reply to it?

The best way to reply to is to acknowledge the other person’s feelings. When someone is saying that phrase, that means they’re moving on past a situation. With this in mind, you should validate their feelings and not push the topic any further. Simply reply with a “fair point” or a “you’re right, I won’t worry about it anymore”.

The rest of this article will cover ways to reply to “it is what it is”, and what “it is what it is” means.

Ways To Reply To “It Is What It Is”

“It is what it is” is both a meme and a genuine phrase people use to express themselves. When you’re told this, there’s several different ways you can reply. You could either drop the topic, or you can acknowledge the other’s feelings.

If you’re planning to drop the topic, your response becomes pretty basic and easy to remember. All you have to say is something along the lines of “good point” or “of course”. You don’t need to be fancy by any means.

If you’re going to acknowledge their feelings, then you should say something like “suffering makes us stronger” or “I agree, but is there anything I can do?”.

What “It Is What It Is” Means

“It is what it is” is what people say to cope with bad situations that are out of their control. It’s a common phrase on the internet. In general, “it is what it is” means there’s nothing anyone can do to change the situation they were put in.

“It is how it is” is another use of the phrase that means the same thing. It can be used to express how the situation doesn’t bother you anymore, or to move on from a conversation you’re having about a bad situation.

For example, pretend you got a cut on your leg that hurts you when you move. You can say “it is what it is” to cope. When someone asks you about it, you can say “it is what it is” to drop the conversation topic.