Support With or For – Which is the correct preposition?

The preposition “with” can be used with the word “support” to indicate that something is being provided to help or assist with something. For example:

  • “I need support with my homework.”
  • “The company offers support with technical issues.”
  • “She has been a great support with my recovery.”

The preposition “for” can also be used with “support” to indicate the reason or cause for providing the assistance. For example:

  • “We are raising funds for support of the local shelter.”
  • “I am asking for your support for this important cause.”
  • “He received a lot of support for his campaign.”

It’s important to note that the choice of preposition can depend on the specific context and the intended meaning. In some cases, both “with” and “for” could be used, but they might convey slightly different shades of meaning.