Success or Sucess: Which Spelling is Correct?

The correct spelling of the word that means achieving a goal or objective is “success.”

The difference between “success” and “sucess” is that “success” is the correct spelling, while “sucess” is an incorrect spelling. The word “sucess” is a misspelling of “success” and is not recognized as a correct English word.

“Success” is commonly used in everyday language and is an important concept in many fields, including business, education, and sports.

Common misspellings of “success” include “succes,” “sucess,” “sucsess,” “sucsses,” “sukcess,” and “saccess.” These misspellings often occur because of confusion over the double “c” and double “s” spelling.

Is ‘Sucess’ a Correct English Word?

No, “sucess” is not a correct English word. It is a misspelling of “success” and is not recognized by the English language. Using “sucess” instead of “success” is considered incorrect and unprofessional in any applied linguistics field.

Defining Success and Its Origin

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It can refer to achieving a specific goal, such as getting a promotion at work, or a more general sense of achievement, such as personal growth. Success can be measured in many ways, including financial gain, recognition, and personal satisfaction.

The word “success” originated from the Latin word “successus,” which means “an advance, a happy outcome.” It was first used in English in the 16th century and has since become a common part of the English language. The word’s Latin origin is also the reason for its double “c” and double “s” spelling.

Examples of Using ‘Success’ and ‘Sucess’

When it comes to using ‘success’ and ‘sucess’, it’s crucial to know the correct spelling of each word in order to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Here are some examples of how to use each word correctly:

  • Correct: She had great success in her career.
  • Incorrect: She had great sucess in her career.
  • Correct: The company’s success was due to its innovative approach.
  • Incorrect: The company’s sucess was due to its innovative approach.
  • Correct: The team celebrated their success with a party.
  • Incorrect: The team celebrated their sucess with a party.

As you can see from these examples, ‘success’ is the correct spelling of the word, and ‘sucess’ is an incorrect spelling that should be avoided.

Take note that ‘success’ can be used as both a countable and uncountable noun. For example, you could say “He had many successes in his career” or “The success of the project was due to teamwork.”

Always use the correct spelling of ‘success’ to ensure clear and effective communication.