50 sentences using Articles in English – Definition and Examples

Here is a simple explanation of how to use articles in English:


  • Use a/an before a singular noun when you are referring to something for the first time or it is unspecified.
  • Use “a” before words starting with consonant sounds.
  • Use “an” before words starting with vowel sounds.

Some examples:

  • I ate an apple.
  • She is an actress.


  • Use the before singular and plural nouns when you are referring to something specific or something that the listener would know about.
  • Also, we use the when referring to things in general.

Some examples:

  • I saw the movie you told me about. (specific movie)
  • The weather is nice today. (referring to the weather in general)
  • I fed the dogs. (referring to specific dogs)

50 Example Sentences with Articles in English

  1. I ate an apple for breakfast.
  2. Do you see a dog in the park?
  3. She bought a new car last month.
  4. I want to read the book you recommended.
  5. He has an important meeting today.
  6. The weather is nice today.
  7. She put an envelope in the mailbox.
  8. I need a pencil for the test.
  9. Look at the beautiful flower.
  10. Can you pass me an apple?
  11. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  12. She has an interview next week.
  13. Do you see the bus coming?
  14. I ate an orange for a snack.
  15. Pass me the salt, please.
  16. She bought an umbrella for the rain.
  17. A positive attitude can help you through tough times.
  18. He has a test tomorrow.
  19. Look at the view from up here!
  20. I need an eraser.
  21. The half-written report is a terrible thing.
  22. She wants a puppy for her birthday.
  23. Pass me the remote, please.
  24. I saw an interesting movie last night.
  25. We took the train to get there.
  26. Do you have an extra pencil I can borrow?
  27. Let’s take the bus instead of driving.
  28. She bought an apple at the store.
  29. I need a ride to the airport.
  30. He ate an egg for breakfast.
  31. Pass me the scissors, please.
  32. She wants an ice cream.
  33. Look at the ants on the sidewalk.
  34. Do you see the moon tonight?
  35. I need a bandage for my cut.
  36. Let’s watch the movie tonight.
  37. She has an appointment at 3pm.
  38. Pass the ball to me!
  39. I ate an orange for a snack.
  40. We took a taxi to get there.
  41. She has an exam tomorrow.
  42. Look at the clouds in the sky.
  43. Do you need an umbrella?
  44. Let’s go to the park after school.
  45. I saw an interesting movie.
  46. Pass the ketchup, please.
  47. She has an English test next week.
  48. Look at the stars at night.
  49. I need a pen.
  50. We took the bus to school.