James’s or James’? Which Is Correct?

When it comes to possessives, the grammar rules can be a little bit confusing. Such is the case with words or names that end with the letter s, including James, for example. The name James may confuse those who aren’t sure if James’s or James’ is correct; the answer is that they are technically both grammatically correct.

That being said, both forms aren’t necessarily always accepted as grammatically correct by everyone.

Should I Use James’ Or James’s?

When trying to contribute a possession to a person, you will want to add an apostrophe to show that possessiveness. In the case of a proper noun, or a name, that ends in the letter s, it would be more conventional to add an apostrophe after the s. The convention can be attributed to the fact that it looks neater and less confusing without adding another s after an apostrophe.

That being said, if you prefer to add an s after the apostrophe when it comes to a proper noun, such as James, for example, it would not be grammatically incorrect.

Are There Any Exceptions To The Rule?

The only real exceptions to the rule would be considered when you are referring to a well-known person or figure, and there is an accepted way to use their possessive form. For example, when referring to Jesus, most people would spell it as Jesus’, rather than Jesus’s.

How Do I Know Which Form To Use?

When having to write something that needs to be submitted to someone else, such as a scholastic paper or a work report, it could be best to ask what the person you are submitting it to prefers.

Is The Same Rule True For Other Words That End In S?

When it comes to adding a possessive to a noun that ends in the letter s, the same grammatical rule is true. While it’s more common to see no extra s, you can add the extra s after the apostrophe if you choose to.

What Are Some Examples Of Using The Possessive Form Of James In A Sentence?

Some examples for how to properly use both versions of the possessive James in a sentence include:

I wanted to go see James’s concert tomorrow night, but I got called into work.

I met James’ wife at the Christmas party last night, and it turns out I went to high school with her.

I am going to go and return James’s book that I borrowed from him before work today.

I was hoping to go to James’ house next weekend so I can meet his new cat.