Why Does Grammarly Highlight Contractions? (I’m, can’t, etc)

Are you wondering why Grammarly keeps highlighting contractions in your writing?

Well, let’s find out why.

Reasons for Highlighting Contractions

Grammarly, a widely-used writing assistance tool, often highlights contractions to help users maintain a certain level of formality in their writing. Contractions such as ‘you’re,’ ‘it’s,’ and ‘can’t’ are informal by nature and may not be suitable for all types of documents, especially in academic or professional settings.

The reasons for highlighting contractions include:

  • Ensuring consistency with a style guide that may discourage their use.
  • Promoting clarity, as contractions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, particularly for non-native English speakers.
  • Encouraging a more formal tone, which is often required in business or academic writing.

For instance, in a business report, using ‘you are’ instead of ‘you’re’ can convey a more serious and professional tone. Similarly, in academic essays, avoiding contractions can help to maintain a formal and objective style. Grammarly’s highlighting feature serves as a reminder to consider the appropriateness of contractions within the context of the document being edited.

Impact on Writing Style

Grammarly’s highlighting of contractions can significantly influence the formality and tone of your writing. Using contractions can make your writing appear more conversational and accessible, which is often desirable in informal contexts such as personal blogs or friendly emails. However, in academic or professional writing, avoiding contractions is typically preferred to maintain a formal tone.

Here are some examples to illustrate the impact:

  • In a casual blog post, you might write, “I’m excited to share my thoughts with you!”
  • In a business report, it would be more appropriate to write, “I am pleased to present my findings to the committee.”

By highlighting contractions, Grammarly prompts writers to consider their audience and the level of formality required for their document. This feature helps ensure that the writing style matches the intended purpose, whether it’s to engage readers in a light-hearted manner or to convey information with utmost professionalism.


In conclusion, Grammarly highlights contractions to ensure that written content maintains a formal and professional tone. By identifying and suggesting changes to overly familiar contractions and instances of personal pronouns, Grammarly helps writers adhere to style guides and maintain clarity in their writing. This feature is particularly useful for business documents, academic essays, and any content aimed at a formal audience. Overall, Grammarly’s attention to contractions contributes to the overall correctness and professionalism of written work.